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To be honest, there are a lot of companies who offer the same as we do, and have been in the same business for as long as we are. So, what makes us better?

Let me just say this : We are not better, we are different.

Why would we claim to be the best, if there are companies who can offer you custom made video's recorded with top of the line camera's, from twenty different angles and at the most luxurious settings? We don't offer this, so this would be a lie. However, when you order a custom made movie with firms like these, chances are very big that you have to pay about ten times our rates, or even more.

We can offer these projects, but not at the same rates as we offer our other custom made movies. In case you should have a more luxurious shoot in mind and you are willing to pay more money for this, your project is still in good hands over here. Feel free to contact us, if this is what you want. However: keep in mind that this will not be a project that we can deliver in a matter of days or even weeks, since this includes more training from our side (which would be included in the price).

Let's be realistic: we are very good at what we do with the equipment we have. We deliver high def movies, photos and even some behind the scenes shots if you like this.

We offer good quality, but we are not the best as we can't get rich enough to buy the required materials at our prices ;-). Now that this is out of the way : please read more to find out why we still are the people you are looking for if you want to order a custom made movie with one of the models you see here.

I'm sorry for being so honest with you, but that's just the way we are: we don't make empty promises. Don't be scared, there are plenty of reasons to order custom made movies with us!

Kind regards,
Taking on too many projects results in bad projects. We want to produce quality, therefore, we only take on a limited amount of projects a month.

Currently this amount is set at a maximum of 6 movies per month. This might seem like a small amount, but keep in mind that my husband runs three spanking websites, and I run three sites myself. Taking on any more projects would result in bad quality. And that's the last thing we want for our customers!

Also keep in mind that making the movie is just a part of it, and this already takes two hours when scripted. Besides this you also have the mailings that go before the order and after the order, the scripting, the arrangement of the shoot, editing, etc. It's not a job that's done in one day. For some the prices may seem high, but it's a lot of work to finish everything. But we love it so don't worrie ;-).
This is a service you'll probably find nowhere, just because it's better not to offer this service if you want to make money from the same prouduc twic.

When you order a custom made movie, and we recorded everything, you get access to a restricted area for about three days. This area is only for you. There you can download the movie (and pictures if you ordered extra pictures). After that time, we take the movie down from our server.

But what happens when your pc crashes, or whatever media instrument you want to watch it on? What happens if your laptop gets stolen and you have only one copy?

Don't worrie! Our team comes to your rescue!

We will offer you a duplicate of the movie if you sent us an e-mail for the high and mighty price of one, you read it, 1 euro.

The latter is not because we want to get paid, but to sure make the request is legit and comes from the original customer. You don't want others to get your movie for free do you ;-).

From our side, chances are very small this would happen, as we store our copies on three different media sources, of which none is connected to the other one, and two are not even connected to the internet.
We want to realize your dream on screen. Good communication is a big part of this.

Don't fear to ask too many questions. You can sent us a script, articles of clothing and other props, to use in the movie. We will make sure you feel great about our work.

Communication is actually the biggest part of the entire progress. The length of my mails depend on the initial mail. If this one is short, I will keep my mailings short as well. The reason for that is simple: in this case I assume that this person doesn't have the time to write extensive mails, let alone read them. This assumption may be wrong, but keep in mind that I also have a limited time to spend on mailings.

I prefer lengthy mailings, to be honest. This way it's much easier to see what the customer wants. A mistake that is often made in this business, is that the producer fills in the thoughts of the customer. I don't like to make this mistake. Therefore I might keep asking questions, this with the sole purpose to make your movie great!

Please excuse me if I use wrong grammar, I am not a native English speaking person. My native language is Dutch. Keep that in mind.
We have about 15 years experience with the production of adult material.

At first, we only made our productions available through online channels.Since we were often requested to make private movies, we decided to widen our horizon which resulted in the making of this website. We know what questions to ask and what to look for in our shots when we make your movie.

If you are wondering if we are experienced enough to understand the depths of a bdsm-relationship, it is worth mentioning a little piece of my own history. I started out as a female slave before I found out that spanking was my passion. This was before Mike and I met and we started our marital-, business- and spanking relationship.

Because of this, I spent a lot of time in bdsm chatrooms and went to chatmeetings as well. This way I met a lot of bdsm-lovers and I had some bdsm-relationships myself. When Mike and I met eachother, I didn't leave all those friends behind and he met them as well. Together we experienced a lot with these friends but I won't bore you any further with that. Unless you are interested, then you can read it on my blog in the future ;-).
We like it when customers are loyal to us, therefore, we love to repay the favor. This in the form of nice benefits such as free membership to one of our websites, free used panties and others. However : our models are no goods from a warehouse, we don't do sales.

Some examples of benefits to loyal customers:
  • free extra pictures
  • free panties
  • free membership
  • free script
  • ...

As you can see, we repay loyalty, as long as you don't abuse this ;-).
Loyalty doesn't mean that you can't comment on our services. If your claim is legit, we will work something out.

If you're not happy, then we're not happy. As simple as that. That's why one of us will always contact you afterwards to read your remarks.

Every person can make a mistake, and well, we are people too. So just let us know if something went wrong, and we will take care of it.
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