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About us
I'm the designer of this website and I can mostly be found behind the scenes. Besides this, I am Mikes' partner in business and marriage for almost 16 years.

I execute tasks for the company such as : webdesign, camera work, photograpy, photo-editing, digital research and social interactions with the models as a whole.

As a lawyer, I also secure the contracts with the models and eventual infringements on copyrights.

My haircolor changes by the day but this is a picture of me at work. I can also be booked as a Spankster. Look at the models' page and prices page.
My husband owns the following websites:

His tasks are executed both in front of the camera as behind the camera.

He designs, and updates, websites, edits the movies, takes on the role of the Spanker and does the camera- and photograph work if I am too busy.

Ok, this picture of my hubby is old, but to me, he'll still looks the same every day since the day that picture was taken: our wedding day.
To say that we can do everything on our own, would be a lie.

We would be nowhere without the following parties:

  • Our two stand-in camera men who are also close friends of ours;
  • The company that makes sure our servers stay online;
  • Our stand-in computer wizzards who help us out when "programs run wild";
  • Our models ...

And last but not least : our customers who we aim to please.
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