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Here we arrive at my personal favorite. Let's start with the "description" as we did with fetishes and bdsm, or just scroll down for more info ;-).

In wikipedia terms spanking is : "a type of corporal punishment involving the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause physical pain, generally with an open hand (more commonly referred to in some countries as slapping or smacking). More severe forms of spanking, such as switching, paddling, belting, caning, whipping, and birching, involve the use of an implement instead of a hand."

Well, that's great isn't it ;-). But seriously, to me, spanking is just getting aroused by getting my bum smacked hard after I've been naughty, or just because I feel like it.

In my humble opinion, there are two types of spankees : Those who are "rebels", and those who are more "slavelike".

The first type will just get spanked for the fun of it. Although it's still a punishment, they will already get excited by the thought of it, no matter how hard the spanking will be.

The second type, will regard spanking as a pure punishment. They may get aroused, but mostly because they feel the pride of their Master and they will avoid getting spanked if they can.

But again, this is only my humble opinion and I will not exclude a combination of these two types.

Anyway, a spanking shoot can have more than one aspect in it. It is important that you inform us of what type of acting you want in the movie. Do you want the model to be a rebel, or just acting scared as she has to endure her punishment? Let us know and we will make it happen.

As with all shoots, you can sent us clothes or implements to use in the video clip to make it extra personal. Be aware that these become our property, unless agreed upon otherwise in advance in which case we will sent them back for a fee.

Know that this site is part of and that there are a lot of uniforms that are available for a spanking shoot as well.

Hope to get your order soon!
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