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Since I'm against piracy, I find it very important to list all my sources of pictures.

All pictures shown on this website are falling under these categories:
- Property of : creation or photos
- Used with permission of model
- Downloaded online from sites that gave explicit consent to download.

The problem with the latter is, that not everyone really gave permission.
That's why I post all original places where I downloaded my pictures per site page here.

Should you see a picture of yourself, contact me and if your claim is legit, I will take down the picture.
For a legit claim, you must proof the picture is also no longer online at the place I downloaded it from.

I will NOT add links to our models' profile pages if they have this. This sites' purpose is to make sure they don't get bothered, so I'll leave it at that. I hope you understand. I communicate on behalf of the model so they can use their time for other projects.

Kind regards,
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Model picture: For promotional use offered by Scarlett.

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