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Last changed on June the eight of 2017.

Your Information is Confidential.

At we are determined to provide you with the best possible experience when purchasing a custom video clip. We understand that privacy is important to our customers and we are 100% committed to protecting your privacy.

We have created this privacy policy ("Policy") in order to demonstrate our company's commitment to privacy:

Only Adults may use the website.

This site may not be used by minors - under 18 years old in the United States, under 21 years old in some other countries. The entry page - beyond which no minor should proceed - does not request any personal information.

Purchase of Custom Video Clips.

To purchase a custom video clip on, the customer needs to provide a valid email address. We don't sell or share email addresses to third-parties.

After agreeing upon a price by e-mail conversation, the customer will receive the information of the banc account on which the payment needs to be transferred. None of this information will be shared or sold to third parties. Given the high risk of stolen credit cards and banc fraud, as well as the personal nature of the orders, it is not possible to pay by credit card. When you transfer the payment to our account, this will run through the server of your own banc. We do not receive any other information this way.


The website uses cookies only to maintain the client application's state, for example to have a member automatically signed in anytime he uses the website. Cookies do not maintain any private information.

Sharing of private information.

We don't sell or share with any third party any information supplied by customers to purchase custom video clips. Information of any nature is treated with the same highest level of confidentiality.

Changes to Privacy Policy.

We maintain the right to update this Privacy Policy. If we make major changes in the way of treating Your personal data, we will post these alterations on the Privacy Policy page. Any changes posted on this page will be effective from the date of posting. It is Your responsibility to check Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions page.

Should You have any question or comment about the Privacy Policy of, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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