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We don't like to make difficult calculations about prices.

Actually, they are quite easy :

  • Erotic shoots : 200 euros
  • Spanking, bdsm and fetish shoots with pain aspects : 250 euros
  • Bdsm and fetish shoots without pain aspects : 225 euros

Extra's are between 50 and 100 euros and are decided upon by the models.

Examples of extra's are :
  • anal;
  • spanking with hard implements;
  • bdsm shoots with painful objects such as nipple clamps, candle wax etc.

An extra fee of 50 euros + postal charge will be charged if we need to sent back items. This may look like a heavy fee, but this has to do with the fact that this easily takes an hour out of our day which we can use for other purposes.

We will always agree in writing upon the payment terms before we start shooting. No scene will be shot before your payment and eventual extra implements arrived.

As we already explained on our home page, the standard price includes the following:

  • Modelling costs
  • Reservation of our movie studio
  • Acting the movie (time is money)
  • Taping the movie with a high def camera
  • Editing the movie
  • Providing the movie online
  • Extra pictures of the movie at an extra charge
  • Editing freelance contracts
  • Editing non-disclosure agreements
  • Interaction when there is a case of copyright infringement
  • A saved copy of your shoot and eventual pictures in case you lose your copy

Keep in mind that we pay no restitutions, once the date of our recording is set. The only exception is when the model is hindered by a personal accident. In this case we will offer a partial restitution, where we subtract eventual costs that are directly linked to this shoot.

Sorry to be so honest, I know, it's a rare thing in business.

On a less serious note : if you are in a giving mood and want to sent us top of the line recording material, don't hesitate, and by all means, contact us and we'll provide you with the information you need to sent us packages :-). Our just sent us money, we love donations :-)!
Beneath is an example of our rates.

Prices are based upon the normal rate for one model and don't include eventual extra fees.

As I already mentioned on this website, our models are no goods and we don't do sales so two models cost double the price.

All prices are negociated, agreed upon and paid before any shoot is scheduled.

You have to agree with our General terms before ordering a movie with us.
You can also book me for spanking sessions. I started out being just behind the scenes, but I really like my work so much. So, I decided to become part of the spanking team as well.

My prices as a Spankster are different since I don't consider myself to be a fulltime model. If you order a movie with a model, you pay double. If you order a movie with me, you pay 100 extra for eight minutes and 150 for 15 minutes movies. I am still the head director in my movies and my husband is an excellent camera man and photographer, so don't worrie, your movie will be great!

Kind regards, Kelly

no pain or anal
Soft Bdsm - Fetish
no pain
Bdsm - Spanking - Fetish
8 minutes200 euros225 euros250 euros
15 minutes380 euros430 euros480 euros
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