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We no longer work with new girls. With all due respect to these girls, they are often too young to realise what they want in the modelling world.

Besides this, they often lack the necessary skills to act in a movie. They don't know how to react on camera or how to follow the directors' cues.

All this together, we can't guarantee a good movie with girls who haven't worked as professionals in this sector before.

This doesn't mean new girls can't act in some kind of a "pilot" on one of our spanking sites. But then again: not every model wants to get spanked.

We keep our view on the professionals and we hope you understand why.
Just like every individual, our models are unique. They each have their own specialties.

Examples of such specialties are (hard) spanking, anal, Domination or slavery etc.

That's why we also added a pain level to all our models' profiles. As you will notice, some really love spanking, others are not available for this genre.

We will add more models in the future, but our aim is to make sure there is a model for every movie genre we offer.

This doesn't mean we will be able to realise everyones' favorite movie. Fetish-, spanking-, bdsm- and erotic scenario's are open to so much options that this is simply impossible.
We only work with a limited group of models. After all, a good movie depends on good communication between the model and her producers.

Of course, we always welcome new models. However, none of them will star in a personal movie before we had a personal meeting with them.

This way, we are sure that they are not pressured to work with us, and we can see what their painlevel is if they want to star in bdsm or spanking movies.
Our models are all free to come and go as they please. We own no exclusivity over them, neither do we want this. When we we work with them, they work as freelancers.

They decide up front in which movie genres they want to perform. As you can see, some only work in erotic productions and others only work in spanking productions. The choice is theirs, and theirs alone.

The only "ties" they have, are the freelance- and non-disclosure contracts they sign with us.
It's important to realize that the modelling business is often a temporary one. We see models come and go, and we will update the site accordingly.

No payment will be accepted  before we fully discussed your movie. This way, you are always notified in advance about the availibility of the model.

Keep in mind that we pay no restitutions, once the date of our recording is set. The only exception is when the model is hindered by a personal accident. In this case we will offer a partial restitution, where we subtract eventual costs that are directly linked to this shoot.

Sorry to be so honest, I know, it's a rare thing in business.
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