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It's important to read this page if you are interested in a production from us.

We value our customers a lot and we would hate it if they were disappointed, because they were ill-informed.

Besides this, our models are also very important to us.

Without them, we wouldn't be able to offer you our services.

To satisfy both, you can read more information about the content of our shoots on this page.
Keep in mind that the consent of our model is always written in a contract, which I created myself as a lawyer. The contract also ensures your privacy.

Our models will never know who ordered the particular movie. Also, we are not a dating company. We will never exchange private information one way or the other.

To sum up : All actions will only take place with the explicit consent of all parties. Without this consent, it's simply called rape or assault.

Keep in mind that a cancellation does not give you any right to a reembursement of your funds. This is only the case in we've made a grave mistake.
None of our models has a lot of experience with bondage as a rigger. Chelsae has experience as a bunny.

This means that bondage movies are limited to non-complicated bondages.
Face slapping is never with fists. Only with an open hand on the cheek.

There is no room for negotiation on this topic.
As you know, models do not work for free, and neither do we.

Prices start at 200 euros for an eight minute movie, and 350 euros for a 15 minute movie.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Again, the model decides how much more she charges.

Read more about prices on this page.
Some shoots require special "instruments".

They are often of such a personal nature, that we may not have them in our collection.

This doesn't imply that you can't sent us the necessary implements.

A post adress will be provided to you in such a case.

After the shoot these implements will become our legal property unless agreed upon differently and specifically otherwise.

In such cases, we will return the implement in its used state for a fee.
A model will always decide what she wants to do.

If the model declines, we respect her decision, don't ask us to push her.

Check here for more information about our models' offers.
It's up to the model to decide with who she wants to partner up with in a movie.

In spanking movies, this is Mike and Kelly.

However, when sexual acts are involved, the model will bring her own sexual partner.
When you order a movie with us, you have to be aware of the fact that this often takes a minimum of four weeks with one model and six weeks with two models. However, our aim is to sent out your order within three weeks. The minimum is just to make sure that we have some breathing room.

We have to make reservations with the models, sometimes for the location, with other cameramen if I'm not available and of course, we have to record the movie, edit it and post it online.

As you can see, this process is not as quick as one might think.

We will keep you posted of this progress as much as possible through e-mail, or, in urgent cases, by phone.
Of course, I'm joking with this title. Sorry, we are really serious about our business, but I like the humor in life. Sue me, well, don't forget I'm a lawyer if you do ;-).

What I mean to say with this title is, that we can always make a mistake. We won't run from those mistakes and work something out between us.

As long as you are respectful, we will act the same way. And even if you're not, we still will, since that's who we are.

But you paid good money, so let us know if something bothers you!

Slandering us online won't help your case, talking with us will.
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