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About us
Dear reader, I'm Kelly and I hope it's nice to meet me (since I can't meet you myself ;-)). Keep in mind that we keep our private names to ourselves for privacy purposes. Not because we are ashamed of what we do, nor are we afraid of the reactions of our surroundings. All our friends and family are aware of our work.

However, we like to work behind the scenes for our customers. Should you recognise me or my husband on the street, a polite hello is always appreciated ;-). But enough of this. The origin of customvids-com actually lies in a lovestory. That's why I will write this piece from my personal point of view.

Almost 15 years ago, I was single, and not really looking for a relationship. However, I was a spankee, and I longed for an experienced spanking partner. For this reason, I placed a message on a forum where spanking lovers could find eachother.

Most answers where mostly eroticly charged, and I wasn't looking for a sex partner, so I rejected their proposals. That's until I read the message Mike sent me. His e-mail really spoke to me. He had a lot of experience, he was strict but kind and after a while we decided that we should meet eachother.

Long story short, we started dating more often, and given the long distance (three hour drives for Mike every weekend), we decided to move in together after six months. Soon you can read the entire story on my blog which will give you an insight of what happens behind the scenes.

Since I lived in Belgium before we met, and I had my own job over there, I didn't want to turn into a stay-at-home wife, well, call it a stay-at-home girlfriend at that time. I wanted to have some income as well.

That's why we started up real-life-spankings. This way, I could combine pleasure and work. At the start, we mostly did this as a hobby with my girlfriends and other amator models.

But, as you probably found out by now : I am an ambitious woman. I wanted more in life than a spanking business, and I wanted to get a diploma that was more then a highschool diploma. So, I started aiming to make enough money to get my lawyers' degree.

This is why we also started up spanked-in-uniform, to cover these costs. By now, I am a lawyer by the way ;-). But again, you can read more about this in my upcoming blog. Spanked-in-uniform.com was aimed at a public that was not only interested in spanking, but liked the extra element of uniforms.

The last site was initially started by a befriended webmaster. Sadly enough, due to British legislation on adult websites he was forced to hand over his website to us. This website is bars-and-stripes.com.

A new development came with the increasing request for private movies. These requests came from our members who liked one, or more, of our models to be disciplined in a certain way. This made us aware of the fact that we had to focus on more than one aspect of video productions, namely, the private sales.

This is how the first seeds for this website were planted. At first, we only produced private movies upon request by our members. Today, this option is open to everyone.

Our offer is no longer limited to spanking shoots, but extended to more sexual movies as well. In contradiction to how we started, we now have close contacts with our models, who often work in the general adult industry as well. We work with our own models, but we are also available for private shoots in the Netherlands. Tell us your fantasies and we make them come true for you.

Hope to read from you soon!

And if you are ever in the Netherlands, you are always free to have some coffee with us ;-).

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