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My job is serious business, but humor is what makes my life worth living. Here you find all humore in the erotic sector ;-).

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And of course: humor ;-).

My blog

You will find out what happens behind the scenes.

Not finished yet, only partially online.


Because of the privacy element of our business, we don't make a habit of putting ourselves in the spotlights.

However, times are changing and so are we. That's why I made it my personal project to start using the social blogs as a way of promotion and for your personal amusement.

All pictures and stories on these channels are under the copyright of our company, but they are free for everyone to share. I just don't like other companies to run away with my stories and/or pictures ;-).

Starting from June the 12th, I will update regularly on the personal blog of this website, twitter and pinterest. Keep in mind that I have not a lot of time to spare, so I can't comment on all my channels. Try to limit your way of contacting me by using this page.

And last but not least: my social media involvement might not be big yet, but it will be soon enough, so be right there at the start!

Sunny greetings,

You are part of this project, don't be afraid to tell us what you want.
Contact us if you have questions about the following:

 Placed orders
 Availability of models
 Prices and extra's
 Technical difficulties
 Grammar mistakes
 Usefull suggestions

Rude, obscene or any inappropriate mails will just end up in the trashcan, without any comment from my side.

Kind regards,
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