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Before I start talking about our prices, you probably wonder what happens in this whole progress.

Well this is what happens:

Step one: We agree on the price.

Prices can only be negotiated for recurring, loyal customers. Our prices are already low, and 60% of this total goes to the model.
Maybe you feel it's odd that I mention this, but we often got this question in the past, more exactly the question that the model receives her part.
Believe me, compared to other producers, we are very generous!

Step two: We agree on the script.

Maybe you already have a script, but don't be suprised if we mail you back with more questions.
We have enough experience to know that a "laymens' script" is often not sufficient enough.

Note that we don't charge you for small alterations and comments on your script. If we don't have to rewrite the whole thing, you can keep that money in your pocket.

If we work without a script, we give ourselves the so called "artistic freedom" to act as we interpret your mail. If you want to be sure that everything happens step-by-step as you want it: make an extensive script and sent it to us or let us make the script for a small fee (see below).

Step three: You hire our services or not (also: you pay or you don't).

At this point, you have to decide if you want to order a custom made movie or not. We don't start recording before we received your payment. Payment is only possible by banc transfer as there is too much credit card fraud these days.

Should we notice that you abused our time to alter your script, then we give ourselves the right to use this script for any purpose we like. This can be as an example, as part of our behind the scenes blog or other purposes as we choose. This is also regulated in our General Terms.

Step four: We make all the arrangements to record your movie.

Since communication is very important to us, we will inform you on every step on the way. We will let you know when the model is available, when we can shoot and when the movie is recorded.

Step five: You movie is edited and ready for download.

We will email you with the information you need to download your movie online. This will include a username and password, information on how to download your movie and other necessar information if you have technical difficulties while downloading your movie.

Step six: Your movie is take offline.

We take the custom made movies online after three business days. This doesn't mean your movie is no longer available after this time. We do this to save space on our servers and to make sure not all private movies are available for people with bad intentions that would want to hack the server.

Within 10 business days, we re-upload the movie for free, after this time, you need to pay 1 euro for a new upload. We provide this service to our customers, in case their original copy gets lost due to computer or other electronica crashes.

Step 7: We will contact you again

We will contact you afterwards to make sure that your movie was recorded the way you had in mind. We want our customers to be happy so this is just some customer feedback and service we give afterwards. Things can always be worked out between us. If you don't tell us, we don't know there is a problem!

But ... we just go for the best service ;-).

If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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