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A place where the customers have a real input.
You are a co-producer in the production.

A place where quality tops quantity.
Because we give you our full attention.

A place to share your deepest desires.
Your privacy is guaranteed by our team lawyer.

A place where we put your fantasy on screen.
Because our teams' heart is set on it.

Browse the site and find out how.
Ever dreamed about one of our girls, crawling on the floor and whispering your name?

Or would you rather have her bound and gagged in front of the camera?

Just let us know how our models can show their submission to you, and we will take care of it.
One of our girls, slowly taking of the long gloves you sent to her.

You can hear her breathing, you see her lips around the tip of the gloves, teasing with her teeth before she takes them off.

Can you feel it?
Now see it.
Ever had a model where you were thinking "she really needs a good spanking!".

Let the brat of your dreams cry out your name, while she's over the knee for a good spanking.

She will definitely remember your name afterwards!
Your fantasies don't have to be "kinky" to use our services.

If you are looking for a sensual movie, or straight out porn, we are happy to help you out.

Just have one of our girls scream out your name while she's having an orgasm.


Our Prices start at 200 euros a movie, of course per model. For certain specialties such as canings, anal play, nipple play, well ... basically everything that hurts more than a normal erotic movie, we add an extra charge. Otherwise none of our models would offer this as a specialty.

To give you an image of what is included in this rates, I give you a non-limited list as a starter :

  • Modelling costs
  • Reservation of our movie studio
  • Acting the movie (time is money)
  • Taping the movie with a high def camera
  • Editing the movie
  • Providing the movie online
  • Extra pictures of the movie at an extra charge
  • Editing freelance contracts
  • Editing non-disclosure agreements
  • Interaction when there is a case of copyright infringement

All legal actions are taken by myself (Kelly). I am a lawyer and hold Masters' degree in Law from the University of Antwerp.

Feel free to look around, but I think that you might find it hard to find a better offer at these rates anywhere else. If you do so, I wish you the best with their business of course! But you can also let us know so we can review what the possible "catches" are of those low rates ;-).
Custom vids productions was created by a small team over 15 years ago. At the start, we only produced movies for our online viewers.

But times change, and so did we. We adapted our services to the rising demand for private productions.

Of course, this development didn't go as smoothly as it may sound but you can read more about it if you like. We won't bother you with the details ... at least, not on this page :-).


Contact us if you have questions about the following:

 Placed orders
 Availability of models
 Prices and extra's
 Technical difficulties
 Grammar mistakes

Or basically any other question or useful suggestion you have.

Rude, obscene or any inappropriate mails will just end up in the trashcan, without any comment from my side.

Kind regards,
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